Individually handcrafted swords created for heirlooms, ceremonial displays and martial art pieces. Each of these collectable masterpieces can be enhanced with a custom made scabbard, case or presentation stand

This 5mm blade has a satin-finish with a Fuller grind.  The Guard and Pommel are made of solid Stainless Steel, while the Handle has been bound with Stainless Steel wire rope. The "Sword of St Maurice"  won an award for  &qu

This original blade of a Sabre Sword was discovered on a local farm. Rob was inspired to create a replica which has won an award for its masterful finish. The replica  has a heat-coloured Stainless Steel bound handle with a stirrup Hilt. &

A dated sword finished with an African blackwood handle and solid Stainless Steel Cross-guard and Pommel.  The sword has been personalised by etching the Family Crest  onto the blade.  

A masterfully crafted Knight's Sword.  The blade is of 440c with a Satin finish.  The handle is made of  bound Stainless steel rope which has been heat coloured.  The guard and pommel are made of 303 Stainless steel with perso

A set of 3.   Katana, Wakazashi and Tanto.  An Award-winning set with stainless Steel fittings, Stainless steel wire rope wrap and Wild Olive Scabbards.  The set is displayed on a wall mounted stand.

A neat 5mm blade with Satin finish and Fuller grind has 5 crosses pierced through. A Giraffe Bone carved cross is set in the Pommel.  The Guard and Pommel are solid Stainless Steel and the wire rope is of the same materi

A Traditional Katana designed with a modern spin has been finished with an Imbuia Scabbard and Hilt.  Fittings are of Brass and Copper with Ribbon wrap.  The 440c blade has a contrasting satin-finish and is heat-treated to an optimal 51HRC

A Chemically enhanced 440c blade triple-ground on either side to form an asthetically pleasing Fuller .  The handle is bound with a Heat-coloured Stainless Steel rope. Antiqued Brass and African blackwood pieces have been assembled to form the P

A antiqued brass basket hilt cutlass.  the blade is made of 440c with a fuller grind.The handle is of African Blackwood.

This 1.4 m Claymore Sword is Wall-Mounted on a  Kiaat Targe.  The Sword has been crafted out of  a solid Stainless Steel Cross-guard, pommel and fittings.  The Blade itself is 1m long and made out of 440c cutlery steel.

A replica of a Hand-and-a-half Viking Sword.  The handle  is made of Giraffe bone. The pommel and guard are made of coloured Titanium and stainless steel.  There are approximately 30 individual pieces used to make the handle section. &

This 3.2mm 440c Blade has a flat-grind and Satin finish.  The Guard and Pommel can be of Stainless Steel or Aluminum.  The handle has synthetic tufnol slabs.

Perfectly matched Dagger and Gladius set displayed in a Kiaat case.  The guard and pommel have a textured finish completed in gold.  Red ivory and ivory have been used to complete the handle.  440c Steel is used for the blades.

These swords were Custom designed for a client.  The blade is made of 440c with brass pinning along the ricasso.  The Handle is made of Giraffe bone and a combination of stainless steel and brass. 

DEKS 2011 'Best Points of Interest' award winner!!  An ellegant metre long sword with Stainless Steel fittings and heat colour wire wrap handle.  The crossguard and pommel are engraved keeping in with the african theme.  The

The Damasteel Aikuchi was awarded the 2011 Knifemakers Guild of Southern Africa "Award of Excellence". This Aikuchi was created with a Damasteel blade, Wild Olive and African Blackwood handle.