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Legendary custom made knives and swords South Africa


Robert and Karen take great pride in creating these masterpieces. They tailor design and handcraft the leather work, presentation boxes, display stands and many other unique and artful forms of display. Family heirlooms, personal, corporate and commemorative pieces can be personalized with crests, logos, names and dates.

The standard and tradition of “Bauchop Custom Made Knives and Swords” go from strength to strength and will continue through the generations of this knife-making family.



All pieces are individually handcrafted by Robert and Karen using the finest imported cutlery steels, specially selected indigenous hard woods and a range of exotic materials.


We have been supplying combat knives to operators in the armed forces worldwide since the Rhodesian bush war in the 1970’s, the most iconic being the Witch and Warlock models.

Individually handcrafted swords created for heirlooms, ceremonial displays and martial art pieces. Each of these collectible masterpieces can be enhanced with a custom made scabbard, case or presentation stand.

Robert has acquired several “Best Art Knife” achievement awards. Here are a sample of some of these artful and exquisitely beautifully handcrafted yet functional knives.


Original Recce Dagger

Black Mamba Bowie

Witch and Warlock


Japanese Set

Custom Knives and Swords

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The Witch and Warlock

Originally designed and developed in the early 1970’s by Peter and a Rhodesian SAS Officer operating in the bush war at the time.

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